Before the season really starts off, Johann Baisamy, snowboarder and TeamEkosport’athlete came to see us. A good enough reason for us to interview him…


Hi Johann ! You already start the season with a first competition in august. How did you feel ?


Pretty good, despite the fact that we didn’t have a lot of time to train. Because of family matter, I arrived later than I should in New-Zealand. But we had great training in June and I tried a new trick, a cab double cork. I was happy to see that the judges appreciate it too, the sensation was good.


You did multiple trainings this summer. What was your best memory ?

I would say…When we were in Les Deux Alpes. It’s Arthur’s hometown (one of his teammates) it was really nice, good weather and we tried a lot of activities: mountain, tennis, cardio…So yeah, really cool.


What are your goals for this new season ?

I don’t have a main goal for this season. I mean, of course, you always want to be on the podium. I want to land my new tricks on my runs and I would love to film more this year, I missed that a lot last season.


Speaking of that, British Airways recently used your image to make a publicity, and the last video of you and Arthur score a nice 1 million views, so do you want to make more edit this season ?

Definitely yes but it will all depend on the snow conditions and the time that we have with Arthur. It will be easier when we’ll be in the US for the training. I would also like to film some footage with Almo (a ski-film production company), so we’ll see during the season if it’s possible.


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